My interest started many years ago when I was just a little girl. I was constantly drawing women's faces, mostly eyes and eyebrows. All through school and even when I worked for corporate America, during meetings or talking on the phone, I would be mindlessly drawing faces. Beautiful faces. After 18 years I was laid off my job and found myself forced to make some important career decisions. I knew I didn't want to go back to the corporate world, so after a lot of research, I decided to go into Cosmetology. I graduated from The Institute of Creative Enhancement and then attended Perfect Profiles Permanent Makeup Academy. I opened Beautiful and Beyond skin care salon and glamour photography studio in 2002. I enjoyed the life of a salon owner but due to family reasons, I sold my business and currently reside in Brunswick, Georgia. I now enjoy the best of both worlds with my family, and as a free lance permanent makeup artist. Over the years I have developed my own techniques and have performed hundreds of applications. I have many clients that have come back for other procedures, and a lot of my business is from referrals. I stay on top of the latest technology and techniques to insure my clients get the best procedures possible. My 18 years in marketing taught me the importance of a quality product and customer care.

I get so much personal gratification from making people happy! I invite you to look at "My Work" and you will see what a difference beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color can make. Not everyone was lucky enough to be talented at putting on makeup or lucky enough to have eyebrows left at age 60. It is so good to see how much this industry has progressed in the quality of training, inks and equipment that make it possible to create such a beautiful difference for my clients. The most gratifying procedure is areola restoration. It is such an important step in the process of helping a woman feel normal again after breast cancer surgery.

I use the Nouveau Contour machine, which is the highest level of technology on the market. It gives my clients beautiful results with very little, to no swelling. I also use only the highest quality inks available. I am Doctor Certified and use anesthetic topicals to insure my client's comfort during the procedure. A patch test is taken on EVERY client, even if they have had previous tattoo procedures. Permanent makeup has very little incidence of complications and/or infections and is one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can have. I try to go above and beyond the required sanitation and OSHA requirement for my clients. I have a blemish free reputation and intend to keep it that way. My clients deserve the best and they get it!

Permanent makeup is my life and I take every procedure seriously. I understand the apprehension that people feel, and the importance of the outcome of every procedure. I always give my clients the benefit of realistic expectations during the consultation and then work with them to achieve those expectations. Ultimately, you know how you want to look, and I work with you to try to make that happen. No matter how many procedures I have done, I still see every client as a work of art and love the challenge and excitement of enhancing their natural beauty.

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Jeanette Saunders-Bartle
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